quinta-feira, 1 de julho de 2010

Just a Dreamer

I swear it's just a dream

Just a dream that I had

A dream with a girl from far

Again is making me upset

I don’t know how to get there

And she needs me so much today

While everything changes around me

While everyone turn back

She’s always the same, my girl

She always has a smile of sunshine

I'd swear it was just a common dream

If I may not feel so good

And I could get away for a long time

But dreaming of you keeps me up

I know you need me around now

But I promise I will get soon

Just give me a little time

You'll be always the only one

While I lose everything

While everyone lies to me

I'll Still with the her smile in my mind

I'll be shining like the sun of spring


-Anda fazendo música agora?

-Não, só faço pedidos.

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